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Arron Storey

Arron Storey

Composer, Lyricist, Producer

English Vocal Coach

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the english lyricist

Arron Storey is an English composer, songwriter and producer with 17 years of professional experience specialising in lyrics, arrangement and orchestration. He has lived in France since 2015 and divides his time between Toulouse and London. Arron has worked with artists and record labels from over twenty countries and has written countless published songs that have surpassed one million views on YouTube in total.

Arron works with Logic Pro X as well as Native Instruments' 'Komplete' suite, offering a range of services from lyrics to orchestration, instrumentation and full song production.

As a fluent french speaker, Arron also offers lessons in English diction and pronunciation at Studio B for French-speaking singers and artists who wish to improve their English accent, as well as advice on the authenticity and credibility of their English lyrics.


+33 (0)7 68 22 74 27

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