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Sébastien Haby

Studio Manager, Record Producer

Recording and Mix Engineer, Post-Production

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A rock musician by training, graduating in Jazz Musicology and Physics, Sébastien studied music production at the Cre8 Music Academy in Los Angeles in 2017, where he learned American standards and the professional methods in the different stages of creating a sound recording, with the objective of fulfilling an artist's vision. Since taking over Studio du Cerisier in 2017, Sébastien has completed more than 200 recording sessions in practically every conceivable genre. Among the artists with whom he has collaborated are Fotomatic (post-punk), Apocraphe (rap UK), Jeffers Waldo (pop), Addis Black Mamba (ethio-jazz).



"I’ve been passionate about music since my childhood and have always moved between both the technical and primal aspects of music; both listening and playing. I learned a lot from my professional trips to Poland and to the United States; professionally and on a human level. I have always been a bit of a handyman which would sometimes distract me from my artistic activities, but these skills now prove invaluable with the activity in the studio.

Thanks to my own experiences and musical training, the role that I carry out is that of the American producer: to realise the vision of the artist by guiding him in his choices and stimulating his creativity. I make it a point of honour to establish a relationship of trust with the artists with whom I work and to go to the end of what is possible in relation to the raw musical material. I love researching sounds during takes, being sensitive to everyone's suggestions and offering my own.

Although keen on analog with regards to my electric guitar playing, I chose to equip Studio du Cerisier specifically to make the most of the latest digital technologies for my recordings and mixes; especially in terms of analog processing modeling. Recently there has been a real revolution at this level, allowing us to work on multiple projects simultaneously, switch from one song to another in seconds and have instant access to all settings. Today, the textures that we have in the analogue world are available as plugins; you just have to go and find them."


Journey :

2006: DUT in Physical Measurements, instrumental technical options (Toulouse)

2009: License 3 in Jazz Musicology in Erasmus (Bysgoszcz, Poland)

2011: Replacement music teacher at 'La Prairie' college (Toulouse)

2012: Masters 2- ‘Improvisation and playing ergonomics by Jimi Hendrix’  (Toulouse II)

2013: 3 month stay in the heart of blues rock jams in Austin, Texas.

2015: 'Artist course' training at Octopus (Toulouse)

2016: Project aborted in electronics (effects pedals, customization of guitars etc.)

2017: Music production training, Cre8 Music Academy (Los Angeles, USA)

2017: Takeover of Studio du Cerisier

2019: Training in 'Mix With The Masters' with Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, Led



2005 - 2015: Guitarist & vocalist of the group Substitut

2007-2020: Private instrumental teacher (guitar, vocals, piano & drums)


+33 (0)6 11 77 93 33

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