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Studio A is set up to accommodate artists during sessions with Sébastien and due to its location in a different building to Studio C, Studio A benefits from full sound separation, making it the ideal location for recording control. 

Thanks to the underground connection and ‘zero latency’ audio interfaces, it is possible to mix during recording while simultaneously controlling the monitoring in Studio C. A talk-back link is provided by the monitoring controller for communication between the two studios.

The audio interfaces have ultra-linear pre-amps to obtain a high fidelity signal which is then processed in an analog style on Pro Tools with the Slate Digital plugins. This suite allows you to modify the effects WITHOUT interrupting the recording with the additional possibility of changing your choices.

Sébastien mainly uses the Slate Digital ML1 (large diaphragm) and ML2 (small diaphragm) modeling mics which allow you to choose from a panel of legendary recording mics BEFORE or AFTER recording, limiting the use of effects to better respect the source signal. You can also use "normal" microphones and in this case simply model from the pre-amp.

The Raven console consists of two recessed 27-inch multi-point touchscreens (the space freed up between the speakers provides better listening quality). Thanks to dedicated control software, Pro Tools is transformed into a mixing console with pages of 24 faders, reminiscent of the ergonomics of analog tables and settings at your fingertips.

Sébastien guarantees you speed of execution on Pro Tools during recording, editing and mixing thanks to his mastery of modern production methods and an impressive grasp of keyboard shortcuts. Each session follows a routine fine-tuned during years of sessions, while adapting to genre-specific musical directions, the artist or the group, the song; or the artistic personality of each of the above.

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