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Studio B is the ideal room for creation at Studio du Cerisier. Compose a song, produce a jingle for TV or radio, record a voice-over or vocal. You can also arrange and mix your electronic productions of all styles, create a Hip-Hop beat, or even improve your English pronunciation. The room is air-conditioned, features a sofa, a range of lighting options as well as free drinks. You have access to the garden during your breaks and shops and local amenities are a short walk away. Yann Mileo and Arron Storey take your ideas and help you turn your project into a reality.

Perhaps you started an electronic song but feel devoid of ideas? Yann takes care of structuring your creation, finding the right arrangements by adding additional sounds, improving the transitions and embellishing everything by adding subtle effects to finish your song. On the MAO side, equipped with a Maschine MK3 groovebox, Logic Pro X and a suite of the best virtual instruments and plugins on the market, Yann mixes beatmaking, sampling, keyboard arrangements, and FX to create complete tracks, ready for mastering and release on a streaming platform. In your company or remotely, Yann listens to your ideas and makes your project a reality, do not hesitate to contact him for an initial discussion.

Arron however, specialises in composition, orchestration and is an experienced professional lyricist. He will take your song or idea (perhaps a lyric or even just a melody) and develop and arrange it with you using a range of beautiful instruments recorded into Logic Pro X and enhanced with access to a suite of Native Instruments and Universal Audio  FX plugins and software instruments. Arron also offers lessons in English diction and pronunciation to French-speaking singers and actors where we work on your accent as well as the authenticity and credibility of your English lyrics.

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