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Studio C is the main live recording and rehearsal room at Studio du Cerisier. Recording sessions are carried out exclusively with Sébastien and by appointment only. 

Rehearsals are booked online on this website using the secure payment system and you can record multi-track demos during your rehearsals.

Studio C has been designed with dimensions and characteristics specific to recording studio standards, providing exceptional acoustics with ideal reverberation time. After an extended session of amplified music, musicians experience less hearing fatigue in such a rectangular room and generally work more effectively.

Studio C is sound-proofed from the outside, air-conditioned and ventilated by a powerful VMC. As it is isolated from the main building you will have full privacy and a rest area is at your disposal with a sofa, coffee table, free hot drinks and a microwave. You can also enjoy our large garden during your breaks, before or after a session and a supermarket, restaurants and amenities are all close by.

Studio C is equipped with a Behringer xAir18 digital mixer, connected to a facade, 3 stage monitors and a PC. You can play in an arc or in concert setup, controlling the console via PC, tablet, or even your mobile. You can also save your settings, so you won’t have to reprogram them each session, saving you valuable rehearsal time! 2 vocal microphones are permanently connected with level on the returns which makes an ideal starting point for your settings.

The computer you have access to is equipped with Pro Tools. 4 SM48 mics are at your disposal as well as 6 instrument mics. Recordings tracked during your rehearsals are for personal use, and not to be published as they are demos. However, this will help you work properly during the preproduction process at a lower cost.

​​You have access to all equipment in Studio C.


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