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Writing good lyrics is much more than writing a good poem. In addition to telling a story, your lyrics should groove and "flow" with the rhythm of the song. In pop music, we look to find a chorus or ‘hook’ - a memorable phrase that your listeners will want to sing along with and hear again and again! 

Should your words rhyme? If so, should they rhyme at the end of or within the phrase? Which words should fall on the downbeats and which syllables should be accented? These questions are essential, and thankfully at Studio du Cerisier we have  Arron Storey ( - an experienced English lyricist who will be happy to help you with this step.

Alongside your lyrics and theme, we then need to consider the genre you’re looking to enter. This will influence your choices of rhythm, harmony, melodies as well as the timbres and style of the mix - all of these elements should come together into one cohesive whole and really define the style of your project!

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