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Each artist has their own way of composing. For example, you can start with the music and add lyrics, or vice versa; or simultaneously! A composition can be based entirely on a simple musical idea (for example a melodic phrase, a riff or a rhythmic pattern) which can then be developed into an entire song. Some artists write pages and pages of lyrics to select only a tiny part to find the essence of their song. Others then go in a direction that has nothing to do with the original idea!


The fact remains that a composition or song contains many variable elements and an open-minded artist should be ready to see it evolve; possibly until the very last mix (or even mastering if you do radio edits)!

Are you a Beatmaker but more into the creative and artistic side? Letting go rather than focusing on the (often necessary) technical details? Have you finished a track but aren’t quite happy with the final sound? No problem, because at Studio du Cerisier Yann takes care of the often tedious part for many artists: the arrangement and mixing. From a multi-track export, we can make an ‘in the box’ mix ready for mastering.

Perhaps you're you a singer / rapper and want a fully original product that hasn't been downloaded and used 10,000 times on YouTube? Do not hesitate in making an appointment with Yann. Come talk it through and we make it all happen!

Arron however, specialises in composition, orchestration and is an experienced professional lyricist. He will take your song or idea (perhaps a lyric or even just a melody) and develop and arrange it with you using a range of beautiful instruments (guitars, piano, voice etc.) recorded into Logic X and enhanced with access to a suite of high-end plugins and software instruments.

At Studio du Cerisier Arron, Yann and Sébastien are all specialists in composition and mixing, and we look forward to helping you bring your existing material to life!

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