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Our live room Studio C can be booked online for your rehearsal sessions. Here you can prepare for a concert, compose or improvise in the best possible conditions. Reservations are made on demand via an online payment system (on this page) and subject to availability.

Additionally, If you want to optimise the production of your EP, album or single, you can undertake pre-production during rehearsals. During these sessions you polish and fine-tune your pieces by making multi-track recordings in anticipation of the final recording sessions, enabling you to make the best artistic choices. 


In Studio C you have the option of doing it independently because Pro Tools is ready-installed and configurable in just a few clicks. Four vocal mics and six dynamic mics are also available. Recordings made during rehearsals are not intended to be broadcast to your fans and followers, but this option will enable you to carry out your pre-productions at a lower cost.

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