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Live recordings are made in Studio C, and controlled by Sébastien from the control room in Studio A. The recording is styled and configured according to the individual needs of the artist or group.


During a typical session, all unused instruments in Studio C are removed to maximise the volume of air in the studio and to emphasise the room’s unique natural reverberation.

Artists can control their own headphone monitoring mix using the tablet or phone via a free app and the return control is provided by a console connected to Studio A by 18 channels. The headphone amplifier has 8 outputs, configurable as 4 stereo mixes or up to 6 mono + 1 stereo mixes.

Solo recordings (for example voice, piano or guitar) are also made with Arron in Studio B. Feel free to contact Sébastien or Arron for a friendly chat and a quote.

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