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Once recording is complete but before mixing begins, audio tracks are organised, edited and ‘cleaned’.

The organisation of a recording session will determine how effectively the recording engineer can navigate and manipulate the song during mixing; that is, his ability to process single tracks or groups of tracks together. Each session follows a routine developed over time by the engineer, but adapted to the specific needs of the artist or group, as well as staying true to the musical requirements of the genre and the song itself.

The editing of the tracks involves removing unwanted ‘noise’ to enhance the attack of the music, as well produce sounds which diffuse naturally; all without touching the musical aspect of each element.


In essence, post-production consists of improving the musical quality of the takes (when necessary) and ‘retouching’ the recording to get closer to the musical vision of the artist or group. Examples include by adjusting passages that are not rhythmically in time, and particular attention is paid to vocals. With modern techniques of pitch correction and vocal alignment we can produce sparkling yet natural sounding vocal tracks for your song.

Post-production can, of course, continue during the mix stage as well. If artistic decisions are made and changes are required (perhaps a song’s arrangement will flow better if a few bars are removed or an entire section needs duplicating) then Sébastien is here to help you achieve your artistic vision using the latest available technology.

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