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Audio mixing allows us to improve the separation of the instruments and the clarity of the song in a transparent way. We use differences in volume, panning, equalization, compression and a range of FX to add texture (saturation, chorus) and ambience (reverb, delay etc.). At Studio du Cerisier, mixes are made entirely ‘in the box’, meaning all processing is done digitally on the computer, using plugins that faithfully reproduce classic analog sound processing. Truly the best of both worlds!


Achieving a ‘final’ mix doesn't have to be done the first time which is why each mix includes two additional revisions if required. Generally the artist or group collates the required changes and communicates this list to the sound engineer who will make the desired changes with the aim being complete satisfaction. Mixing sessions usually take place without the artist or group at first, though they may be involved for any required adjustments or as the process comes to an end.


Mastering is the final step; it is the ‘mix of the mix’! Here adjustments are made to the stereo track supplied by us to a skilled and specialist mastering engineer. The goal is to achieve a consistency of sound between the songs of an album or EP, good sound compatibility between different listening systems, and to have a volume that corresponds to current broadcast standards. This step is carried out outside of Studio du Ceriser, and generally by our partners in the UK at with whom we work regularly.

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