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Among French artists who sing in English, pronunciation is a rather taboo subject which we prefer to avoid! You might think that listeners can't tell the difference, but the fact is that many French people speak English and like to understand the lyrics. This is a crucial point in the development of your musical project, that we can drastically improve.

As a fluent french speaker, Arron also offers lessons in English diction and pronunciation at Studio B for French-speaking singers and artists who wish to improve their English accent, as well as offer advice on the authenticity and credibility of their English lyrics.

A typical English pronunciation lesson explores the different sounds in the French and English languages in practical terms. Just imagine the difference in sound between the way French and English pronounce the letter 'i' for an easy example of how the differences can occur! 

This can be through singing one of your original songs or covers of your choice, working sentence by sentence (or even syllable by syllable) to gradually remove the elements in your voice that make you sound "French" and introduce more English elements. The lesson takes place in Studio B so we can record ‘before’ and ‘after’ takes to listen to your progress over time.

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